Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Blue Bit

I'm having reservations. It's the blue triangle that's not a triangle. I knew, in the higher level, intellectual sense, that the triangles were knit at a 90 degree angle to the rest of the blanket. I told myself this was okay. Sleeves are knit at 90 degree angles to the body of a sweater and they work. Looking at the photos, I could see there was some distortion, but I thought I would be okay with it, that it would add to the charm and uniqueness of the whole project.

Now? I'm not so sure.

I'm thinking, if I could find a triangle-shaped cable, I could just use the instructions for the increases from the white parts, carry them up to the apex of the triangle and then follow the decrease instructions down the other side. Then all the knitting would line up and maybe, perhaps, the overall silhouette wouldn't look so - distorted. Maybe, perhaps, the piece would be triangular instead of trumpet-shaped.

Then there's the recurring memory I have of Clare telling me to avoid any plans that include the words, "I'll just." Still, maybe I'll swing by Chix With Stix for an extra skein of Blue Sky Dyed Organic Cotton in Sky. Just, you know, for practice (note how the two words don't occur in the same sentence).

Anyone have a source for a triangular cable?


diane h said...

Maybe it will work on the other corner?

Hannah C. said...

Hi there. I just wanted to reassure you that the corner piece gets much more triangular with vigorous blocking. It never gets completely 90 degrees, but I liked the slight swoopiness of the concave corners. I hope it hasn't caused you much distress, though. Happy knitting!