Thursday, September 27, 2007

Unreasonably Disappointed

I once heard someone say that owning a boat was like standing outside in the middle of a violent thunderstorm tearing up 100 dollar bills. You're cold, you're wet and you're throwing money away.

Back at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show, I came across, lusted after and succumbed to the lure of Jaeger Zephyr 4/8. A merino and silk blend in worsted weight. Absolutely beautiful. Sadly, the vendor didn't have sweater quantities left in the color I craved. I ordered it instead. I came home from Fiber and Folk empty-handed, but filled with anticipation.

It was soft. The color is cinnabar and it's my most favorite version of red. I'm in love.

The anticipation went on for rather longer than I had expected. Cinnabar was on back-order, and I would have to wait my turn while Jaeger presumably filled other outstanding orders from people who were, I have no doubt, as filled with yarn lust as I was.

There was great joy in Mudville when Barb from Weaver's Loft emailed to let me know the company had sent her a shipping notice for my yarn. Within a day or so, Barb in turn sent me a shipping notice that my yarn was on its way from Indiana.

I regularly logged in to USPS Track and Ship. I calculated days. Second-guessed how soon the Worst Post Office in the Country would deliver. Periodically checked out the window to see if that motor I heard might be a mail truck nearby.

The yarn arrived yesterday.

It's on cones. I hate cones. Knitting from cones is like knitting from a brick. The yarn catches. The cones don't give. They're too heavy to put in a yarn bag and too big to leave set up on the table. Most importantly, you can't fondle the yarn when it's trapped on a cone.

I came to a horrifying realization. One of those blinding moments of self-knowledge that I really would rather do without, thank you very much. I will never knit with this.

I'll be spending my non-knitting time working a different kind of fiber transformation.

Otherwise, I might as well stand in the middle of a flock of sheep, tearing up twenty dollar bills.

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diane h said...

Cones! Good grief! I bought a cone of yarn once. It sat around so long that I finally threw it away. I threw yarn away!

Maybe if I had a thingy -