Friday, September 14, 2007

This Is No Time To Panic

Just because it took 2 skeins of double-stranded yarn to get just over 11 inches on the first sleeve.

Just because the instructions call for a 17 1/2 inch sleeve. Just because I only have 2 full skeins, 4 partial skeins, and a handful of bits and bobs left to work the remaining 6 inches - that's 27 rows - and the entire second sleeve. Just because this has got to be double-stranded. This is not the time to start running around in circles like a trapped squirrel.

Actually, after further deliberation, with all due and just consideration, I have come to the conclusion: this is the perfect time to panic.

Oh. And vote for Robie House. Okay?

12:28 PM Edited to Add: Okay. Everybody breathe. Vicki Sayre at Loopy Yarns (where I ordered the yarn in the first place) is my new hero. She still had 4 skeins of the same dye-lot left. Since Marc has been strong-armed agreed to pick the yarn up on his way home tonight, I guess he can share the accolades.

See? No need to panic. I knew that.

9:16 PM Edited to Add: Forget the importance of bringing home the bacon. He brought home the yarn.


diane h said...

Deep breath - you could make a shorter sleeve.

Bobbi said...

wow that was close! glad to hear!

diane h said...

Comment on the edit: he's a keeper. If he remembers to stop by on his way home ;-)

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

OH Phew! I was about to start praying for the miracle of the tapering in the sleeve to maybe save you. Good thing you won't need to count on that!