Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Am Nike

Not the swoosh. The swoop? Whatever. This one: the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the river Styx. Her My brothers Rivalry (Zelos), Strength (Kratos) and Force (Bia) may have visited. (Yup, I actually looked them up before I started this post. Geeks 'r' Us.)

When we left our heroine, she was having her knitting chops handily busted. No more. With a little help from the above members of the pantheon and I have achieved short rows on the purled side. The fact that having achieved this meant I was completely unable to process short rows on the knit side for the right front will be shrouded in silence. It was a temporary condition. We'll call it an aberration and forget about it.

Not only are the short rows done, so is the collar. All 10 inches of K1, P1 rib.

More impressive is that with 6 whole days until take-off, I am about 3 inches into the first sleeve. Has anyone noticed yet that I will have no assembly to do? Once I finish that second sleeve, it's weave in the "nasty, stinky ends" (I quote here for your edification from No Sheep) and I am "olley olley oleson home free."
I still have other concerns. The robe goes on for miles at this point. It stretches like taffy. Or Silly Putty. Or over-chewed gum. The whole washer and dryer experience had better tame it, or Clare will literally be tripping down the halls at East Anglia.

Under the circumstances, I suppose it's no surprise that my first (and possibly only) scarf for the Red Scarf Project is blue.

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Luni said...

10" of 1x1 rib. My hat is off. I doff my olive wreath, Nike-like. It will likely take me a week to knit the same amount of 2x2 rib for The Bubble Pullover's collar.
Why does it seem appropriate that the word verification below (you can't see it) reads "Oh, bcklf!"