Friday, January 13, 2012

Something New

I fully expected to have already posted about a finished red sweater, but it's not (how's that for a mix of tenses?).  Finished, that is. I had decided on the buttons (the slightly larger not-so-shiny ones).  It was all bound off. I did one last try on and had to face some sad and sorry music.  Think Dead March in Saul kind of sad and sorry, with that whole cadence of slow inevitability thing going on. 

I want the collar to be deeper. A good thing, insofar as it means I'll probably use up all of the red yarn instead of having a useless half-skein or so left over.  It's just that this particular decision means more than simply un-binding-off. I need to shift the button holes.  I also need to keep the various stitch markers in place, which means no frogging. I have to undo stitch by stitch.  It's resting comfortably on my dining room table, half-way through the tinking process, until I get up the intestinal fortitude to finish the job.

Fortunately, winter has arrived in the Midwest big-time and I've decided what I really need to do is start an afghan.  Lately The Princess and I have stopped enjoying shoving the stash around and started to feel annoyed and embarrassed by it.  A knitted afghan could make a bit of a dent in it. I've added a couple to my Ravelry queue, downloaded a couple more, and stored some in my Ravelry library.

Then,  I rememberd one thing and figured out another.  I already have an afghan started, and crochet uses up a lot more yarn than knitting.

I need to track down three more skeins of the red, one of the blue on top of the pile, and the rest of the navy. Then I need to decide on one more color.  We're talking 30 skeins of Cascade 220 here. If I pull this off, I almost won't feel like I have to sneak yarn in here in the dead of night.


Diane H said...

6600 yards of yarn. I am in awe.

Julie McC. said...

I'd bask, except it's crochet - on average using about 3 times the amout of yarn that would be used to knit an object of similar size, right?

And I haven't even started it yet.