Friday, January 06, 2012


There was red knitting in the Daisy bag.  It is the red sweater.  For lack of any other inspiration, I've been knitting away at it pretty much exclusively.  Odd, since I won't need a Christmas Sweater for almost a year from now, but there. Like I said. Lack of any other inspiration.  All this monogamous knitting has, however, brought me up against design issues. For example:

Seed stitch, 1x1 rib, 2x2 rib or garter stitch for cuffs, waistband, neckband and front bands?

Decision made.

Plain cuffs or something a little different?

Decision made.

Neck band, shawl collar, pointed collar?

Decision made. By the bye, did you know that if you're working in garter stitch, you don't need to pick up the wrap together with the knit stitch? Neither did I.

All those issues settled, yet here I sit, seven rows of garter stitch and a bind-off away from a finished sweater. It's the whole button thing.

Button, button, I've got too many buttons.  I foresee a fashion consultation with The Princess and Their Father tonight.


PghCathy said...

From what I can see, I'm leaning towards the 2nd or the 4th that order. But I'm not seeing the real thing.
I think it's great you're all set with next year's Christmas sweater. Like what I see. Now, let's hope fashions don't change too much!

Diane H said...

For what it's worth, I like #3 from the top.

I bet if you ask someone else there will be 4 other opinions.