Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Annual Gloat

I do have real knitting to write bout, but first , there's the obligatory "Eat Your Hearts Out/Look What I Got" post.

First of all, I forgot to tell you all about St, Nicholas this year.  You'll have to take the chocolate Santa and peppermint stick as given.

The yarn is Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere in Anya's Garden and the pattern is the Anne Shawl by Schaefer yarns.  The thing is, on the website, the yarn looked red and blue and brownish gold. In real life, it's purple and green and brown.  I see charity knitting in my future.

Then, someone must  have heard my dismay at not getting any knitting presents last year, because this year, while they were few, they were choice.

A skein of Prism Yarns  in  .  A gift certificate to my favorite yarn store. And a knitting bag.

That knitting bag is a Daisy Bag by Offhand Designs, who were going to close when the designer/owner moved out of the country, is back, at least on a limited basis.  I've been longing for one of these bags ever since I bought one for the Princess.  I have eyed them at Stitches Midwest.  I've bookmarked them at Dreamweaver Yarns and the Offhand Designs website.  I've handled, explored, turned them inside out at Knitche.  I just couldn't ever settle on one.

Thank heavens for Christmas and sisters, or I'd still be without one. Now that I have one, though, I'm thinking about another.  There's that gift certificate, you know.

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Diane H said...

A great yarn haul!