Friday, May 28, 2010


1 sense of humor.
1 sense of perspective.
1 measure patience.
The sense I was born with.

More importantly, though:
1 skein Claudia Handpainted Fingering/Sock in Taupe.
1 partial skein ditto in Moss.
5 Barn-raising Quilt Squares, 1 each in Claudia Handpainted in Walk in the Woods, Moss and Taupe, and ShibuiKnits Sock in Dragonfly and Pagoda.
1 set 8" KA bamboo dpn's, US 2/2.75 mm.
1 set 6" (5"?) KA bamboo dpn's US 2/2.75 mm.

I know I had them. If I doubt myself, I can look right here. As of a year ago yesterday they all existed, ergo they must all exist now. It's called object permanence, or maybe it's the conservation of energy and matter. Something like that. So where did they go? And when I find them, will I also find my sense of humor, my sense of perspective, my measure of patience . . . ?

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Diane H said...

Uh oh - cleaning closets and lockers will make things disappear, regardless of the laws of physics and theories of consciousness. Fruit flies come from bananas.