Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Such excitement over here at Chez WoolGathering. We have been hoping and planning for some time, but now it's definite. We are to have a Guest from a Foreign Land this Summer.

We're taking her to Stitches, even though she's not so much into the knitting thing.

Yet (cue sinister and diabolical laughter requisite for villainous, knitterly plotting of the taking over the world variety).


Diane H said...

If she's not now, she will be afterwards - good work for the sisterhood!

UEA said...

Tehe that visitor is me! I am very much looking forward to coming across the ocean and improving my knitting. I would say that in my life time I have probably knitted about 30 squares (20 by 20 stitch) to make a blanket and one teddy bear. This was good because instead of knitting two separate pieces the pattern was such that you knit the whole thing as one. So yes learning to knit properly will be great fun and it is a very useful skill! Yay for knitting and coming to Chicago, thank you for having me!