Monday, March 09, 2009

I Feel Old

Do you know whose birthday it is? If I hadn't heard it from Carl on the Morning Program on WFMT I wouldn't have believed it. Barbie is 50 today.

I'm not talking about her current incarnation as floozy. I'm talking about Sorority Meeting Barbie. Solo in the Spotlight Barbie. Back in the day when you could buy an outfit without a doll in it. She had an outfit for a Friday Night Date, a Movie Date, the Junior Prom. Her wedding dress was a Bride's Dream. For all her bad rep, though, she had a cap and gown (the outfit was called Graduation), something to wear as a Commuter, a Stewardess, and a Fashion Editor. She played Guinevere in Camelot (my sister had that one). She was Barbie who had her own car (an orange corvette). Barbie who had her own Dream Home (it may have been out of cardboard, but it was all hers).

Why, you may wonder, have I bored you with this frenzy of nostalgia?

Barbie was a knitter.

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Diane H said...

A SWEATER knitter.