Thursday, March 12, 2009

Foot In Mouth Disease

I had to laugh. I didn't mean for yesterday's post to be a polemic against coffee cup souvenirs, but apparently the universe chose to take it as one. I quite like cups. I fall prey to the siren song of the new coffee cup all the time. In fact, my favorite cups are souvenirs, and vice versa. Behold some evidence.

On the left there's my Tube cup from London. Clare brought it home last year, because back when we took our "us alone" trip I was so entranced with "Mind the Gap." Occupying center stage is one of my first souvenir cups, purchased from The Scarlet Letter at the Country Folk Art Fair held at Kane County Fairgrounds. Next to that is from this year's Stitches Midwest. It's a Jennie the Potter (I may have talked myself out of one that first year at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show, but, you know, second shipwrecks and all that).

So, despite yesterday's comments on the souvenir cup, and particularly in light of the deep freeze we're in -- it's a very brrr-inducing 19 degrees (Fahrenheit) here as I write -- I have to say I'm delighted with the Malabrigo Club's March shipment. Hence the above-mentioned laughter.

The yarn is Malabrigo Lace in Cognac, but it's clear to me that Erin, recognizing that Winter hasn't loosed its grip yet, somehow aware that it would -- however briefly -- snow(!) today, has sent a cup of hot chocolate.


AmyArtisan said...

I too passed on a Jennie mug last at the first Fiber & Folk Art but had to get one last summer. Mugs are just one of many fun souvenir options - I have my share of them. Other fun travel collections: magnets, christmas ornaments & of course now yarn...

Diane H said...

And the mugs are nestled on the embroidered shawl from Olvera St?