Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oooh! Presents.

If one is participating in a bi-monthly yarn club that has 7 mailings, one of the mailings is going to arrive earlier than every two months. The s(p)in that arrived early? Sloth. This amuses me.

It's a rather - interesting- collection this month. I like each yarn. The one on top is a little bit of black angora for lining (one of the patterns has ear-flaps). The other two are Footprints yarn in Siesta Fiesta (the multicolor) and Studmuffin (the brown) by Unique Sheep.

I quite like the slouchy, sloppy, slothful hat pattern (not the one on the front so much, there's one inside called "Path to Purgatory" for those of us disinclined to do the "work of atonement" the featured hat requires). I'm just not sure I like them all together.

The little extra treats are always fun. The tin that will someday house part of my stitch marker collection has "Slothful" tea (green tea, chamomile, peppermint, and catnip). The logo pin is for my knitting bag, but will probably come to live on my kitchen bulletin board. My favorite is the little post-it pad. When I lined up the shot above, I hadn't given the package as thorough an investigation as I should have (evidence of more sloth?). While I was playing with it all over coffee this morning I found this.

A rainbow sloth.

Take all these goodies and factor in the current Chicago July weather -- 90's and very, very (did I mention very?) humid -- and I just may have found a deadly sin I can take to heart.

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