Monday, July 07, 2008

Progress Report

I keep thinking I'm going to have exciting cable news to give you and I keep being wrong. Perhaps not so much wrong as there keeps being more. One thing leading to another. Confusions and convolutions sprouting and intertwining like kudzu. In fact, it's rather like my pantry last week. I keep getting close. It's just that, every time I think I've solved one problem (the elongated cable I need for inside the tip of the triangle, for example),

some new twist smacks me upside the head

(as in, now I have to cross this thing?).

So, instead let me reassure you that the expanding universe (alpineflower's theory and my favorite) known has The Pantry has contracted, but left a gift. Behold, the advantage of having to spread out newspapers to drain the myriad artifacts once the dust of ages has been removed. Have you seen this?

Clever English-style knitter supplies rock bands with custom made guitars. (Not really. I looked it up. It's about a New England senior citizens chorus that covers rock hits. I like my story better. )

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