Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breaking Through

Maybe. Sort of. I bet you've all been wondering if any real knitting on the Blessingway Blanket was ever going to happen. The problem, at least the latest one, is this bit. That loop that extends into the tip of the triangle.

That's actually, from a knitting point of view, the conjunction of a closed ring cable with a travelling cable. Once I'd spent way too much time trying to chart a flat oval cable (cable patterns tend to be tall or round), I spent way too much more time trying to convince myself that I could cross the cable and do the increases for the closed ring at the same time. I finally realised I couldn't. Maybe someday, years and years down the road, but not now. Besides, I'm getting kind of tired of it - the swatching and the not knitting.

Which brings us to the sort of, maybe, breakthrough. Novel thought. Why not get the travelling cable in place and then do the increases? So obvious, isn't it? Eh. Sometimes I have to use a big brick.

I can't help noticing that the swatch doesn't pull in and flare out like the blue bit does. I'm wondering, at my level of skill (Minimal. Ambitious, but minimal.), instead of attempting the clever combination of increases and decreases that Hannah Cuviello used to maintain the same stitch count over the whole motif, if I tried the method used by Elsebeth Lavold and Alice Starmore and only did one set of increases at the start and one set of decreases at the end, could the triangle be persuaded to stay more of a triangle?

Here I have to stop a moment and enshrine my new knitting deity, Elsebeth Lavold. She figured out how to do cable increases over 4 stitches. Of course, moving the travelling cable and charting the flat oval loop on a 4 stitch base means my charting is no good anymore. I'm wondering, too, if I can't find a way to tuck the closed ring cable under the travelling cable right there at the start. I see one more chart and one more swatch in my future.

Oh, and one more thing.

I've changed the color.

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