Friday, December 09, 2011

Found It, a.k.a. Semi-Historical Post #2

Ha!  I knew I had written something about the Super-Secret Knitting Present before.  I wrote it mostly to show off my row-counter, but also to remind myself why I couldn't cast on for a red sweater yet.  Since I feel, if anything, more miserable this morning than I have for the past two days -- they were apparently only the opening salvo-- you'll have to content yourself with this snippet.

Originally Titled, "No, It's Not Kokopelli"

Dated 11/19/2011

Perhaps the real impediment to my red cardigan is the super secret Christmas gift I'm supposed to be knitting, symbolized here by my handy-dandy row-and-repeat counter.

Note that "supposed." I'm finding this four-row sixteen-stitch repeat fairly tricky.  I think it's a combination of the difference of only three stitches per row, and every row (including the wrong-side rows) being different by three stitches.  I need to Pay Attention, which slows down productivity considerably.  There have been evenings where I've knit 12 or 16 rows only to get a single repeat knit correctly. Which explains why I need the additional visual the counter provides to prove that I do, indeed, progress.

I'm pretty sure I'll persuade myself to go ahead with a red sweater soon, if only to give myself the break of some mindless knitting. I just need to get a little further along.  Sadly, as the above shows (and this is as much of a hint as you're going to get until after Christmas), I've only knit 21 repeats out of the remaining 50 I need to knit before I can knit the last 36 rows.

I love my row-and-repeat counter, which explains why you needed to read a post about lack of progress on a project that you already know I finished.

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Diane H said...

Is that an abacus row/stitch counter? Or maybe it operates on Base 0? I don't see 21 beads to mark 21 rows. I use the old-fashioned tick marks because I didn't take calculus. But the counter is very pretty. I might have bought it as an objet. Feel better!