Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Gotta Feelin' Called the Blues

Observant knitters that you are, I imagine you noticed that the only real knitting that has happened here at Chez WoolGathering since May is the Melody Shawl. That real knitting, however, has produced that astounding, amazing thing, that Holy Grail of the Knitting World, a finished object in time for Stitches Midwest.  At least, it will be once I cut it open, knot the fringe and block it.

I have to admit, this was fun.  It shouldn't have been.  It was 800 yards of light fingering weight yarn in stockinette stitch in the round with two fiddly twisted stitches to over-look darn near every  round. It should have been onerous.  It should have been mind-numbingly boring. It should have been, at least by the second skein, a tedious exercise in discipline and determination.

I blame the yarn.  

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PghCathy said...

I have an idea about how you feel. I finished an Infinity shawl....450stitches (in the round) in the half-linen stitch. I expected to be bored beyond belief, but instead, enjoyed it. I wonder if knitters can get that runner's 'high'....where instead of boredom/exhaustion, a sense of euphoria happens instead. Well....never reached euphoria, but I was 'in the zone'.