Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Say Potato

Red Scarf ? Zero.

Other Knitting? Well - more than zero.

Puntas Sweater from The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book, for afghans for Afghans Youth Campaign. That would be last year's campaign for youth. Last seen here.

Rosemary's Little Sweater, also for a4A, same source, same vintage. Last seen in the same place as the Puntas Sweater.

Eldest Nephew's Sweater.

Last seen here (the picture at the bottom of the post, not the top).

Some might say it's avoidance; I'll say it's a new twist on incentives and rewards.


1 comment:

diana said...

I say potato but tomato in the english way! Yay the sweater has grown from when I saw it, and its right this time. My knitting is not happening much at the moment, but my next project is probably going to be scarf like so I will be able to sympathise with you. The yarn quest is resorting to looking online because there are just so few yarn shops in England. Hope you are ok!