Thursday, October 07, 2010

Warming a New Home

I Ab-Fabbed in secret for a friend. I finished months ago; the Absolutely Fabulous Afghan by Colinette does knit up quickly. My friend has been over for coffee a couple times since the knitting was finished but I had about a dozen ends to weave in and the Ab-Fab afghan really needed a good blocking before I could hand it over. I finally delivered it yesterday, so now I can post about it.

Not only did I Ab-Fab in secret, I Ab-Fabbed in purple (the things I'll do in friendship's name).


Absolutely Fabulous Afghan by Colinette in Amethyst, which originally contained:

Mohair - Heather
Mohair - Cinnamon
Mohair - Lilac
Wigwam (cotton tape) - Lilac
Fandango (chenille/eyelash) - Lilac (?) (might have been Heather)
Zanziba (thick and thin rayon) - Heather
Zanziba - Lilac
Skye - Damson (although despite its plum-like name, Damson is Not Purple. Which makes me wonder if it was a substitution on the seller's end).

Knit on US 11/8 mm Addi Turbos.

Substitutions (Of course I did, I couldn't help myself). I'm a little vague about the details. This really did all happen about 6 months ago and I don't seem to have kept the labels of anything. Something purple and curly by, I think, Louisa Harding for the much-too-pinkish Lilac Fandango. Malabrigo Twist (?) also in something purple (Velvet Grape?) for the very pink Lilac Wigwam.

I'll knit purple, but I draw the line at Barbie.

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Diane H said...

I took it to work since I spend so much of my waking time there lately-beautiful in all light!