Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Local Custom

The Pirate is on Spring Break this week. There are certain traditions that must be maintained. The first day of Spring Break requires lunch at Wendy's (double order of chicken nuggets, a Frosty, save the fries for the Lord Protector), and visits to Michael's to pick a craft project for the week and The Yarn Store to replenish his Rainbow Yarn. His Regia sock yarn has already been absorbed into his stash; I have no idea what the colorway was.

And I think I know what I'm getting in my Easter basket this year.

Dream in Color's Knitosophy in Be your own Superhero. Lantern Moon crocheted flower stitch-markers.

Unless, of course, the Easter baskets are still barricaded by the (stalled) Spring construction project that followed the great Autumn plumbing reconstruction. I think they might be. Maybe I should check on that. Maybe the new local custom will be Easter plates.

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