Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Event

Copperbeech Mohair/Copperbeech Skye/Copperbeech Mohair was too much brown. Or much too brown. Don't tell me I should have known. I know I should have known. It looked like a good idea when I held the skeins together; it just didn't knit up the way I thought it looked.

After much debate, (and I would like to pause here to thank heaven for artistic, patient children) we settled on the so-labeled Renaissance ("so-labeled" because it sure looks like Neptune to me) Mohair/Copperbeech Skye/Renaissance Mohair.

That took me through Monday when the Fandango in Venezia arrived. As often happens to me when dealing with Colinette yarns, my first reaction was, "Oh no. Too much." Too much color. Too much texture. With the Copperbeech overdose still fresh in my memory, I took refuge in one of my favorite knitting coping mechanisms. I knit with my metaphorical eyes closed.

This usually works.

Note the "usually."

Tuesday's knitting ended when I switched from the Fandango to Mohair in Morocco .

No amount of knitting - eyes closed or otherwise -- could change the result: too pretty. Now I have to decide whether to re-enter the Copperbeech Mohair or switch to the Tapis Mohair.

I though I was only entered for the Mohair Marathon. Now look at me. I'm competing in the Color Challenge, too.

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Diane H said...

I'm looking forward to the gold medal round.