Friday, February 12, 2010

Late-Breaking News:

Your correspondent confesses to her desire to switch out one more skein. I had substituted Tagliatelli, a merino tape, in the Madras colorway for Fandago in Cezanne.

This was due in part to my pursuit of anything-but-pink, and in part to my aversion to knitting with something that looked like eyelash yarn. I have since reconsidered the eyelash part; it's really more of a chenille. Further, my concern now is that the Tagliatelli (onthe left) is too much like the Wigwam (on the right), both in color and texture.

I've ordered Fandago in Venezia from Flying Fingers. It shipped yesterday. Except this is the weekend, and even with expedited shipping it won't get here until Monday. I have 11 rows before I have to decide if I can wait and still go for the gold.


Diane H said...

It's like an ice skater going for the triple salchow instead of a double for extra points.

Kathleen said...

Sorry to (possibly) disappoint. Depending on shipping method, you may not get it until Tuesday. Monday is President's Day Holiday.

I'm sure you'll make the gold anyway, even with a bit of delay!