Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Hurried-er I Go the Behind-er I Get

It's just been too eventful around here lately. No sooner did we come out of stomach flu than it was time for John's spring break.The week after that it was Clare's. Somewhere in there I think there were a couple meetings. Factor in a birthday, a little residual viral activity (not of the computer variety), an IEP staffing and two report-card pick-ups and, well, there you have it. I really do have an actual, honest-to-God knitting post started but it's just being obstinate and categorically refusing to write itself (I hate when they do that).

Can I tide you over with this? Well, not Diane because she was with me when I bought it. In fact I'm not at all sure but that it isn't her fault entirely, since she forced me to go to the yarn store in the first place. It's not yarn pr0n, but it's close.

I bought myself a birthday present.

It has pockets.

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Diane H said...

And I saw the bag in action on Sunday. Gorgeous!