Thursday, October 02, 2008

5 Miles

That hole in my stash has been preying on my mind. That one where the bulky-weight yarn isn't. It just seemed I had a duty to fill that void. Nature, after all, abhors a vacuum. Who am I to allow such a precarious state to continue? Besides, I've been steadily slipping in the Yarn Marathon standings. Just under the gun, I took advantage of the "Power Boost" (a.k.a. double points) yarns for September, I made it to the 5 mile mark. Five miles means I get treats. I love it when I get treats.

Yarn samplings, a doodad/mini project bag, a sock pattern, and a Kitchener Kit by Knitcellaneous, complete with dog-tag (wasn't Kitchener a British general?).

Underneath that fun stuff - Malabrigo Chunky Merino in Velvet Grapes. Yes, Diane, I know it's purple, but it's purple that leans toward red. I'm thinking about another Knitting for Peace Orphans for Orphans Sweater, this time with a cable down the center front panel.

I may have gotten a little carried away. But I was really far down the list. Under the Velvet Grapes, more Malabrigo Chunky Merino. This lot is Verde Esperanza.

Maybe for the "Camping Out" sweater from the Yarn Girls Knits for Older Kids.

Now I've moved up in the standings to number 25. Only 21 more miles to go.

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