Thursday, March 27, 2008

In which I explain how appearances are deceiving

We used to have this educational computer program called "Math Blasters." The boys were especially fond of the part that was supposed to teach addition. Whenever they gave an answer that was too low, the computer would tell them, "Not enough! More, more, MORE!" They loved the response so much, they would try to get the wrong answer, which rather defeated the purpose.

I've been hearing echoes of Math Blaster in my mind's ear of late. It's provided the rallying cry for my new attitude toward sock yarn. I hope you all appreciate what an about face this is for me. Despite that collection pictured a couple of posts back, I just don't have enough for the Barn-raising Quilt, especially once you dissect it (the pile, not the project). Poor me. I am sadly sock yarn deficient.

This yarn, for example, my splurge from Stitches Midwest this year. Sock weight, according to the label, but on the heavier end. I have sweater quantities of these two. I realize I'm not willing to risk running short because I've sewn them into a blanket.

Then there's the 7 Deadly S(p)ins yarn. I don't know what I'm going to do about these. Now that I have a sock yarn project, I have to face the fact that my objections run deep. These colors leave me considerably less than enthused. One might say, unmoved.

These would have complimented my "Francie" doll wonderfully, had I been knitting back when I had a "Francie" doll. The harsh reality is that the colors of my youth are no longer my colors of choice, and while I had hoped to convince myself to work these in, it's not going to happen.

The Schaefer Anne of mysterious dye-lot is too thin. It really wants to be knit up on US 1's. I know, because I tried. The jury is still out on the Lorna's Laces, but I think it may be the wrong weight as well. The original Barn-raising Quilt used the full spectrum of sock yarn colors and weights, but I have neither Larissa's artistic vision, nor the 500 knitters contributing squares.

Which leaves me with this, the yarn I purchased for the Rovaniemi fingerless mitts, before I chickened out, got back in touch with reality, came to my senses, reconsidered the wisdom of striking out on that particular project at my current skill level. Six skeins (I have two of the blue)? As the Math Blaster said, "Not enough!"

When I had an unexpected window of free time with Marco, what else could I do but haul him out to String Theory?

I'll call it a birthday present.


diane h said...

Eat. Sleep. Knit. is the store I was trying to think of yesterday. And then they appeal to my competitive spirit by offering a Yarnathon! Really really like that Claudia yarn. How many colors does that come in?

Jess said...

The "more, more, more" line got this song stuck in my head, or at least the chorus. Thank you?

I love that afghan, I am looking forward to seeing what yours looks like!