Sunday, September 03, 2006


I lied. There are circumstances under which you will rip back over 2 and 1/2 feet of knitting. Even knitting that you laboriously did the drop-the-mistake-off-your-needle-to-fix for the first time. (Yes!) It's when you realise you forgot another one of the lessons you learned on your first stockinette stitch project. Yes, Virginia. There really is a right (and thus, WRONG) side to your knitting and you, by all the saints, had better not forget which side you are working on.

Alas, poor Scribble. It went swimming with the frogs and resurfaced at about 10 inches.

But (and here's one of the things I love about knitting): it's fixable. And once I realized that I really like this scarf/shawl (sharf? scawl? scarl?), and loved working with the ribbon and silk, it really mattered to me that it be right. Not filled with unintentional creativity.

(I haven't stopped feathering and fanning. Actually, the fan seems conspicuous in its absence. I will heretofore refer to "feather" or "feathering." But I need variety. Hence all this Scribbling

So, happily, with some extra time and attention, the Scribble scarf has almost recovered.

I have put another safe-guard in place. This is scribble with its first set of stitch markers (and lifelines).

Here it is with the new set of stitch markers. If I'm on the end with the blue one, I'm supposed to be knitting. If I'm starting with gold, I'm supposed to be purling.

And it seems to be working!


diane h said...

Excellent tip! Much better than that ol' tie a piece of yarn to the side that is the right side. Where did we see this Scribble scarf? I have .2% to go with the 2nd sleeve to my prototype Scandinavian children's sweater. Then is time to do the steeks! But we are also almost done with the painting so it won't seem ridiculous to get the sewing machine out in all this chaos.

Kelly said...

Brilliant. My scribble has at least one spot where I accidentally flip-flopped the right and wrong sides; I had no clue. Next time, markers. Thanks for the tip.

Debbie said...

what a brilliant idea! I love my scribble scarf but can only work on 8 rows at a time because I have to pay such attention to where I am in the pattern. This might put the dang thing in the fast lane for me. Thanks!