Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh No! They Got Me!

I swear it. I was going to do a non-Mason-Dixon project next. It seems, however, that as soon as I near the end of one, I answer the siren call of another. This time it is all because I read yesterday's post on the Mason-Dixon blog.

I have to admit, the miter-square blanket has held no appeal for me. All that cotton. It has to weigh a ton. All those ends to work in. And, frankly, I'm not really in love with stockinette stitch. If I'm going to knit mindlessly, I'll do garter stitch. And I already have a nice big no-brain knitting project going.

And once that's done, I have already promised to knit another one.

So I'm set for afghans. I'm set for Movie Night knitting. I have no need to start dreaming.

Besides, if I were going to go all miter-y, I planned to work out of this. It's part of the booty I acquired at Stitches Midwest.

Then Kay came up with the "weird partial miter." Go back to the link and scroll down a bit. You'll see it. A two-color miter with texture. How cool is that. I'm still not looking to do a big cotton project, but I have a color scheme in mind using Cascade 220.

Not only that, it will reduce stash. Sort of. Okay, not really since I'll need to buy Cascade in three or four more colors. And probably 3 or 4 skeins of each. But that's all I'll buy. Honest. Well, maybe I should buy 5 each just to be on the safe side. I will walk into my favorite yarn store firm in my resolve to stop there. Sure I will.

I'll swear it on my mitered blanket.


diane h said...

Did you post these all on the same day? I have been visiting your page, even if not your kitchen table.

Julie McC. said...

My, my, my. Such a suspicious nature.
No, I meant to just post the one about my kitchen. But the miter square/domino knitting got me excited, so I started that Sat. morning and finished in between Kid Computer Time. Same thing pretty much with the red scarf one. I started it early Sunday, and then realized I needed to include Scribble. And then that it would be nice to have actually started a red scarf, so I didn't finish it until late. And I can't figure out how to persuade Blogger to use real posting time instead of first draft.