Friday, January 29, 2016

Because Knitting With US 11 DPNs is Such Fun

No, I haven't figured out what to do about the thumb yet. I've decided I deserve a break instead. Any sane person would opt for something the polar opposite of stockinette in the round (aka knit every stitch) with big yarn on big needles. A nice fingering weight shawl perhaps. Or a sweater.

But, you say, it's been so much fun knitting with bulky yarn or its equivalent on big fat needles.

Well. I never claimed to be a sane knitter. As a break from Lamb's Pride Bulky stockinette (aka knit every stitch) in the round on big fat needles, I have -

Kitty Pi. The second one actually. Knitting stockinette (aka knit every stitch) in the round with Cascade 220 doubled on - yes ma'am - big fat needles. Truly deeply boring. More boring than repeatedly knitting thumbs on Sasquatch mitts and ripping them out.

Just in case the monotony of that starts me fantasizing about using big fat DPNs for kindling, I also have a Garter Squish Blanket going (have I mentioned this one, I think I may have). 

It is garter stitch (hence the name, yes?) knit flat (again, aka knit every stitch) with Cascade 220 doubled on big fat needles. Addi turbo circulars here rather than dpns, but you say tomato, I say big red fruit that grows on a vine.

I may need to rethink my idea of alternate knitting.

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Diane H said...

Big yarn on big needles usually goes fast