Friday, April 05, 2013


Back when the Princess was spending her junior year abroad, she was befriended.  As I wrote at the time, this so eased my heart that I knit a blanket for the family that enfolded her. It took forever to get the right match of pattern and yarn, but once I had it, the blanket flew off my needles.  I always thought it would be my go-to blanket pattern.  The one I would knit when, in some excess offering of comfort or devotion, I needed to give something major to someone.

So when my most favorite neighbor moved, it made perfect sense to me to make one for her.  Once again, getting two yarns to work together involved a lot of trial and error.  And I mean a lot.  I still have vast quantities of yarn that proved to be dreadful mistakes from this foray.  Except I never finished it.  She's been gone for years and the yarn, pattern and knitting languish in the bottom of one of the knitting baskets.

Undeterred, I heard from/of a dear person who was going through such a nightmare series of loss and dismay that I determined she needed a blanket.  My previous failure blithely ignored, I once again started on that toilsome journey of swatching and experimentation to find the perfect yarn combination.  It took three yarns to achieve the effect I wanted this time, and some innovative knitting to get the colors where I wanted them, but I did it.

Guess what project is now unearthed here only for the photo opportunity, destined to sit neglected in the bottom of another knitting basket, referred to in the previous post as the blanket that will probably be frogged?

 It seems the blanket I sent over the Atlantic is and always will be one of a kind.


Diane H said...

I would leave more comments if blogger's new not a robot system was easier to use - that afghan looks just fine, except for the purl back. It's not the colors that would hold me back.

Julie McC. said...

It's not the purling back, so much. It's the great big needles I have to use for the stockinette part.