Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'm not, not when it comes to yarn. It's just not one of my virtues.  I'm more the fits and starts kind of fiber enthusiast.  Into every crocheter's life, however, a little discipline must, alas, fall. So it is with the Blanket of Many Circles.

Despite my erratic tendencies, I'm down to the last six center motifs. All very exciting, except that all circles must get a navy border that turns them into squares. I begin to foresee another Blanket Which Must Not Be Named.  In an attempt to circumvent such an event, I'm instituting a new rule:  before I can knit a center motif (which, truth be told, is where all the fun is), I must finish at least five navy borders. There is an element of self-deception here; I'm not allowing myself to count the eight squares I have already completed.

Harsh, I know, but necessary.  There are four pattern variations.  I have six of each variation completed. Finishing five squares to every new circle means I get caught up on one of the variations before I knit the last circle (or two in the cases of variations 1 and 4) to that set. Factor in the eight completed squares that I am pretending to ignore, and I wind up way ahead of the game. 

It's really just an elaborate hoax I'm playing on myself in order to guarantee that I don't end up with 30 circles and nothing to make out of them.  One that I'm disguising as discipline.


camcraftymom said...

I love your color combos! Can't wait to see it all put together. I'm not a fan of joining/seaming or weaving in ends, so most everything I knit or crochet is in-the-round and a solid color. I live my colorwork vicariously through other crafters.

PghCathy said...

Don't you just love the games we play to get our projects finished?
Agree, though, your colors are pretty and you'll have a lovely afghan when you're finally done.