Tuesday, November 29, 2011

P.S. to Semi-Historical Post #1

I realise I forgot to mention:

Best party bags, ever!

The recycled Sari Silk from the Oldest Niece is destined to be used in a Scribble Scarf, replacing the one that disappeared lo, these many months ago, as soon as I locate an appropriate co-ordinating yarn.

The mini crochet hook and the WIP needle holder (the tube thingy by the Tsock Tsarina) are from my sister.  Strangely, while my full size crochet hooks tend to disappear, I manage to always be able to find that bitty stitch-picker-upper.

The Jennie the Potter stitch-markers, courtesy of the Princess and the Girl Wonder (I'll explain in a later post) actually came in a set of 6(5?). (Hey, I've had them for over a year.) (And I'm oldish) (And they've been dispersed across various Works in Progress.) (I'm impressed I was able to track down three of them.)  I particularly like the little stitch instructions on the back.  Not just K for knit.  Each marker has a different abbreviation, like SSK or Cb F.

There. You're brought up to speed on Stitches 2010 (in other words, I'm done gloating).

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Diane H said...

I love the stitch markers. I kept the two JTP magnets I bought one year, meaning to give them as a present. I'm waiting for the baby to be big enough so her store is re-stocked with the yarn bowls!