Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whereof Reason Knows Nothing*

Well, while others try to track down the poem from last post (yeah, good luck with that), I'll  take you all back in time to the Green Shawl.  When I last posted about it, I was debating which yarn/s to use for the border.

I made a decision. I went with the pale green and a narrow inner border in black.

I didn't like it pretty much from the get-go, but apparently had an out-of body experience.  Or maybe I was posessed by aliens.  Whichever it was, it was enough to make me knit on beyond sense, common or otherwise.  I fell victim to  one  a series a whole slew an onslaught of  knitterly delusion, where you think if you just keep knitting it will all come out all right. It didn't.

Rather than face the music, I buried the whole thing deep deep.  Maybe I thought marinating it would improve things. It hasn't. I regret the green.  Even more, I regret the black. I wish I had gone with the brown.

The problem right now is I just can't bear to frog it.  Which is another example of the completely illogical workings of my mind.  I have the brown yarn. If I rip back the green and black borders, I'll still have the main body of the shawl done.  Ripping and reknitting would be a much quicker route to a finished object than starting something new.

I need to stage an intervention, but until then here I am, knitting away with red.

*Blaise Pascal.


Chrisknits said...

Wow, I feel like I am looking into a mirror. Me too! I just keep knitting, thinking, it will all make sense when it's done. It doesn't. Good luck with your avoidance, let us know if it works.

Julie McC. said...

Lest I forget again,the pale green Cascade 220 is Smoke Heather, 9450.