Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Christmas Again or Mostly English

We, like a wide swath of the country, have gone all white and buried, like a Currier & Ives print. It seems then particularly appropriate to tell you about our second Christmas. Third, if you count Epiphany (which, when I was growing up, we sometimes referred to as Little Christmas). Fourth if you count the Feast of St. Nicholas.

Ever since The Princess spent her junior year abroad, she has gotten a box from the other side of the Atlantic in time to open Christmas morning. This year, we knew it might be close. We knew there had been knitting ( I have to get the Princess' permission to take a picture and post it. For now you'll just have to take my word that it's nifty). We (like the rest of the world) just hadn't considered that weather like I saw outside my window two days ago would intervene. Not just the storms that struck the east coast with such ferocity, but the storms that stopped ground transportation and closed airports in Europe. Christmas came and Christmas went - no box. New Year came and New Year went - No box. Little Christmas - well you get the idea. This past week,though, it was Christmas again. This year I know the giver. It felt like a bit of Norfolk in the dining room.

"So. Nice story. But what about knitting?" you say.

Diane H sent me this a couple of weeks ago and it occurred to me, I did sort of duck the whole Christmas post thing. Once upon a time, the Christmas season lasted until Candlemas day, so I could argue I'm only a few days late instead of weeks and weeks. Besides, this references so many of my favorite things (Christmas trees, helping people with disabilities live independently, East Anglia, knitting), how could I go wrong? When the Christmas box arrived, I decided I could share and give you all a nice multi-faceted knitting/Christmas/Norfolk experience to cheer the post-blizzard, snow-bound experience.

Happy Christmas, again.

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PghCathy said...

Now that's a Christmas story! Thanks for sharing.