Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Well. That was surprisingly successful. Don't even think about pointing out that a project isn't finished finished until the ends are woven in and its been blocked.

I'd try the method on green sweater, except I haven't even started the sleeves.

So, is the lesson here set your goal low; if you don't shoot yourself in the foot first, you may achieve it?

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PghCathy said...

YEAH! Cross this off your list!(once you've woven in the ends, but we won't mention that part)

Got my 2 scarves for Red Scarf Project in the mail. And I'm putting the purple sweater for a4A together...knitting the neckband, sewing seams and also weaving in ends. I was forced into this. My
29" circular needle that had about 700 stitches on it for a square afghan snapped into 2 pieces. I frantically slid all those stitches on to waste yarn & am now waiting for the mail to bring me a new one.

Have you moved on to the green sweater yet? You can do this!