Friday, October 30, 2009


I need to finish something. If there is anything the 4 hats/0 sweater fiasco showed me, it's that it has been too long since the Bubbly Curtain and even that doesn't really count because I have to frog about a third of it and then make a companion (the only way I've come up with to cover the bathroom window without the curtain puddling on the floor).

I have options. Several sweaters started. Several more planned out enough that I have the yarn for them. Two afghans for neighbors in need (by my definition, not theirs). Giving up on getting the technical aspects of the Autumn blanket right and just knitting it up and sending it off for the a4A Cure Hospital campaign (in the nature of penance for not finishing the sweater).

I ran this by Clare at the dinner table a couple of nights ago, wondering how much I could get done by Christmas. She was, how shall I put this, wary. Not exactly skeptical, but clearly looking for a way to check my sanity without setting me off on an impossible path just from pure cussedness.

After a night's sleep or two, I'm ready to concede the need for further thought. Maybe those are all too big. Maybe I should redeem one of last year's incomplete Christmas gifts instead.

That way, I could spend some time with Ann and Kay. Besides, now that I've taken a class in intarsia, I have this great idea on how to personalize these. The recipient is in Rome; I could use that -- or, more accurately, her return -- as an added incentive. Deadlines are my friend.

Then I read the note in the book about using gloves with a" bonded fabric lining" "[t]o guard against tearing." Tearing? As in, I could get the cuffs attached and then they could de-attach? The source for such luxe rubber gloves was Williams-Sonoma. Note that "was." As in, past tense. They don't seem to carry them anymore, at least not on their website. I am now frozen over the pink gloves with scissors in hand, fearful of actually cutting into them. I'm wondering if using the knitting to attach glove liners at the same time would work. Would I need to buy larger size gloves to accommodate them? I think maybe yes.

I can't help thinking that ideas have a way of getting away from me. Maybe I better pick up a couple extra pairs of rubber gloves, too. Just in case.

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