Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Following the Rules

For this newest baby blanket campaign, the a4A website reminds us, and I quote: "Please avoid white and very light colors that soil more easily. Afghans like all colors. Mix up a bright and cheery palette."

Bright. Cheery. Not light. I'm doing my best here. The Malabrigo project certainly fulfills those criteria. The yarn slides through my fingers and I think, "Ooh. That's a pretty stretch of color." I knit a little farther and think, "Hmm, maybe I should see if there's a semi-solid in this shade. Just in case I do need to widen the border."

Well, for the record, that may not be what I think when knitting the solid; the gold is just a little too reminiscent of squash for me. Autumnal as all get out, I grant you, but still, squash. (I hate squash. Really. Even if it's been prepared properly.)

Still, the knitting is entertaining. I do love me a pattern that decreases to transmogrify itself. I finish off a variegated square and start a squash gold one. I'm engaged with the whole knit-it-all-together-at-once-and-watch-the-afghan-grow experience (as opposed to the whole knit-a-pile-of-squares experience).

Then I step back and actually look at the thing. Cringe. It's still bright, cheery and not light. So how is it that something can follow all the rules and still be so - unappealing? That green border had better work a miracle.

And it may. I can't help noticing that the photograph with the black background isn't nearly as off-putting as the one from my kitchen table. Of course, if it doesn't, it will certainly be a joy to send this one off. No second thoughts at all. The peace of mind that comes with knitting according to Hoyle.

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Cathy said...

WOW! That squash is really....squash, huh? Congrats for perservering. I'll keep my fingers crossed about the green border.