Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Because Everyone Needs a Cheerleader, Sometime

Honest. I was going to write about knitting today. I've achieved a lull in my current interesting times, a moment to suck in some oxygen before I go head-down for the next go-round. My reward was going to be some astute, clever and/or profound observations about the Way of the Knitter. Or something.

I've got Bok, Muir and Trickett playing in the background (He goes wa-, wa-, wa-, wa-, wa-, wa-, waltzing with bears).

I checked. I've been knitting (a little). Interestingly, it's all Mason-Dixon all the time, here. Those are Perfect Sweater pieces (the blue) and Weird-Partial-Garter-Miters-in-progress.

But I pulled up my email before I logged on to Blogger. There was a message from Clare:

"Subject: and now the grand finale
To: "Julianne McCauley"
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 08:34:22 -0600 (CST)


And now, in the manner of musicals and Shrek movies everywhere...

Whirling bits of sparkly red fill your vision, before being whipped aside and
revealing two of my clones (who have had extensive training in gymnastics since they were four) who turn out to be part of a line of twelve, all doing
improbable acrobatics, alternately synchronizing and breaking up.

They are performing in a forest glade, and a dazzling array of sunbeams shine
through the spring green leaves. The words 'You can do it' are spelled in
sunlight on the ground, periodically decorated with red spots from the reflections bouncing off the sparkly red pom-poms.

Behind them, the ground begins to shake, and my clones avoid doing any jumps because they wouldn't know where the ground was when they tried to land. They compromise by somehow crossing cheerleading with breakdancing, and, lying on the ground curled up with a sparkly red pom-pom in front and behind them, spin until they look like sparkly red blurs. The trees shake madly, sending streaks of sunbeams all over the glade like a disco ball - except for the ones with the branches through which the sunbeams spell 'You can do it'; they are defying the laws of physics and previously asserted theories of botany and doing the tree equivalent of moving their hips to absorb the shock of the ground moving, and their branches remain almost entirely still.

Suddenly a large, flat rock bursts from the shaking ground, which immediately becomes still, though no one realizes this until a crash of noise from the band on top of the rock makes it begin to shake. The band (who channels everyone from the Beatles to Little Boy Blue and wear lots of sequins that reflect the sunlight.) plays a lively version of 'I Will Get There' by Boyz II Men as their opening song, and the vision dissolves in a blur of sparkly-ness.

Good luck!


P.S. Margie says 'good luck' also!"

Honestly, they just take your breath away, sometimes, don't they?

Knitting next time. Promise. I have to go now and find a Boyz II Men music video.

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