Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am not alone!

Diane says the feather and fan is lace. In that case, I am not alone in my travails. Look. See? Here. Mason-Dixon Ann is frogging, too. And here. So is Stephanie Pearl McPhee. (Who I discovered was even more of a delight in person when she came to My Sister's Knits. Her voice is lovely.)

Okay, so their lace is real lace. Big pieces of lace. Lots and lots of rows of lace. But it feels so good to know it's not just me. There's something in the air. The knitting muses are feeling cranky. The knitting fates have their scissors out, snipping people's plans and projects all over the place.

With that in mind, I need to go figure out how to take Diane's advice and place stitch markers in my wanna-be-lace so they don't float all over the pattern. This should work, yes?

There's a marker every ten stitches and 2 yo's and 1 [k2tog, psso] between each marker. We shall see...
Oh, by the way, I think I've internalized it.

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